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We support and empower organisations that act in the public interest and in the promotion of development as a structural and lasting change. 

Coatl is a Nahuatl word (Aztec language) which means serpent. El Coatl or the Great Serpent was a mythological creature from the culture and tradition of rural Mexico, which is associated with legends of wealth, wisdom and fear. In Aztec culture, the serpent offered fertility, abundance and wealth, but always with one condition: tireless work.

Coatl is a consulting company specialized in issues related to development, which operates in 3 areas of intervention: Cooperation for Development and Education for Global Citizenship; Social and Community Development; Organisational Development.


We exist to support and train organisations that act in the public interest, through the provision of consulting, evaluation and training services aimed at promoting development as a structural and lasting change in organisations, communities and society.


Respect for work and workers; Horizontality and transparency; Ethics and responsibility; Proximity and flexibility; Human rights; Cultural diversity; Promotion of development; Ecological awareness.

Since its founding in 2015, Coatl has been working to support the development, reinforcement and training of different entities, having had the opportunity to collaborate with several prestigious partners.

Services Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation Systems
External monitoring of projects/Programs/Public Policies
External evaluation of Programs and projects
Public Policy Evaluation
Social Impact Evaluation
Baseline studies


Organisational Diagnostics
Strategic Planning
Market Studies
Project Design
Preparation of grant applications
Project Management
Fundraising Strategies
Corporate Social Responsibility Certification
Quality Management Systems (social economy)


Strategic Planning
Evaluation of projects and programmes
Social Impact Evaluation
Design of projects and applications
Project Cycle Management
Fundraising Strategies
Financial Management for non-finance staff
Creation and management of associations
Non-Formal Education Methodologies
Social Marketing and Communication

Our team includes specialists with several years of experience in different countries, advanced academic training and complementary profiles. For the implementation of our services, we count with a pool of external experts with several years of international experience and specialization in various thematic areas.

João Mesquita

Executive Director, Managing Partner

Founder and managing partner of Coatl, João holds a degree in Economics and a master’s degree in Development and International Cooperation from ISEG – University of Lisbon. He has more than 10 years of professional experience dedicated to the monitoring and evaluation of projects and Public Policies, having led dozens of evaluations in countries such as Guinea-Bissau, São Tomé and Príncipe, Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde, Timor-Leste, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. He has collaborated with entities such as FAO, UNHCR, IFAD, UNICEF, Council of Europe, European Commission, among many other Civil Society Organisations and State bodies. He has led IDLO’s evaluation team in Mexico and served as the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer in the Office of the UN Resident Coordinator in Angola. He is a visiting professor at Porto Business School, on topics related to social impact assessment and evaluation.

Mafalda Gomes

Project Manager

Sociologist by the University of Porto and PhD student in Social Economy at the Universitat de València. She has collaborated in different national organisations such as EAPN Portugal, A3S and Congregação de Nossa Senhora da Caridade do Bom Pastor. She worked as an evaluator in three projects financed by the PARTIS Programme of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and coordinated the project “Alto Impacto-Galeria de Arte-E7G”, promoted by “Programa Escolhas”. She was a research fellow in a project promoted by the Institute of Pathology and Immunology at the University of Porto-Ipatimup, focusing on the psychological, social and emotional implications of cancer patients’ experience. She collaborated, as an external consultant, in the Diagnosis Municipal Plan for Gender Equality of the Municipality of Carrazeda de Ansiães, the Social Diagnosis of Mação, as well as the “Study of Satisfaction of Living in Vila Nova de Famalicão”. At the international level, she was a member of the technical team of three Erasmus + projects, and carried out evaluations and implemented training in different regions of Guinea-Bissau.

Maria Lapa

Project Manager

Maria holds a degree in Management from the University of Porto, a master’s degree in International Politics and Human Rights from the City University London, and a postgraduate degree in Human Rights from the University of Coimbra. She has more than 10 years of professional experience, having started her career in the PwC Portugal assurance team. She lived in London for 5 years, where she worked at World Vision and Save the Children, international children’s rights organisations, in the areas of advocacy and social mobilization campaigns. At World Vision, she ensured the monitoring and evaluation of social mobilization events on child health, with millions of participants. At Save the Children, she supported the implementation of impact assessment methodologies and led training sessions on strategic planning in countries such as Panama, Mexico, Kenya, Senegal, Thailand and Bangladesh. She was also responsible for assessing the impact of the global campaign on poverty and discrimination. More recently, she worked as project manager at start-up WeChangers, and advocacy and research director at Amnesty International Portugal.

Vera Oliveira

Administrative and Executive Secretariat

Vera graduated in Social Communication in the Business area, by the ESTA of IPTomar. She initiated her professional journey as a project manager at SIC Esperança (IPSS), the social responsibility branch of Grupo Impresa, where she was allowed to cooperate with various social institutions throughout the country. At the international level, at Startup Guide she was the leader of the distribution department and provided support to the finance department. She was also responsible for event organisation, managing the office/store in Portugal, providing direct assistance to project management and was part of the business expansion with the opening of new spaces in Berlin and Copenhagen. At Mind The Trash, she joined the team as a logistics and distribution technician. With GEOTA (NGO), she embarked on the secretariat area and had the opportunity to organize the European Rivers Summit 2021, in which 300 activists from around the world participated online and in person, at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, in Lisbon.
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