— Services

Coatl uses and promotes participative methodologies.

Organisational diagnosis and Planning

— Organisational diagnosis (financing, human resources, communication and marketing)
— Operational and Strategic Planning

Project Design and Applications Development

— Diagnosis and needs assessment
— Project design
— Writing of applications for grants and awards at national and international level
— Prospection of funding opportunities (grants, awards, competitions, …)
— Identification and management of partners consortiums

Project Management

— Support on project delivery
— Project management
— Project monitoring (on going evaluation)


— Development of Fundraising Strategies
— Delivery of fundraising plans of action
— Event management (cultural, sports, social, …)


— Programs and projects evaluation
— Impact evaluation
— Evaluation of public policies


— Strategical Planning
— Evaluation
— Impact Evaluation
— Project design
— Project Cycle Management
— Applications for funding opportunities
— Development of Fundraising strategies
— Financial management for people with no financial background knowledge
— Creation and development of non-profit organisations
— Non-formal Education methodologies

Other Services

— Benchmarking and comparative studies
— Planning and development of social businesses
— Studies and investigations